Fruitoids Online Slot Game Review by Yggdrasil

Fruitoids Online Casino Slot

Fruitoids is a psychedelic space themed online video slot game powered by Yggdrasil. This unique slot game combines the classic fruit theme with a type of science fiction space-flora theme resulting in a wacky and vibrant slot with big payouts. In this game players will encounter otherworldly fruits in various colours, shapes and sizes. The backdrop to the game is a view of an alien planet filled with weird and wonderful plants with a distant view so the stars. The reels themselves appear translucent with the symbols floating down into position when the spin button is activated.

5 Reel Sci-Fi Fruit Slot

The wild science fiction theme is brought to life with top-class 3D graphics and animation. The game also includes a trippy sci-fi background track that blends the whole lot together in one cohesive and wacky slot experience. The slot machine in Fruitoids comprises of 5 reels with 3 rows and a total of 25 paylines. Before the start of each spin, players can set the coin denomination from 0.0032 coins all the way up to 2 coins per payline making it ideal for first time players and seasoned slot enthusiasts. In addition to the main slot machine, the game also includes a number of bonus features in the form of frozen symbols, re-spins and bet multipliers.

High Paying Fruit Symbols

Fruitoids has a total of seven symbols that can appear on the reels. The highest paying symbol is the purple pumpkin-type fruit symbol. If players are lucky enough to find all five of these across the reels, this will result in the highest payout of the game, paying out a total of 1000 coins on a standard bet. Next in line is the yellow globe-like fruit looking very similar to a neon bowling ball. This is followed by the crazy tomato plant and the pink pods. The three lowest paying symbols include the purple berry fruit followed by the sausage fruit and finally the Venus fly trap fruit.

Frozen Symbols Bonus Feature

Like free bets in online betting in the USA, the main bonus feature in Fruitoids is the frozen symbol feature. When any symbol forms a winning combination with three or more symbols, the particular symbol will freeze on the reels and a re-spin will be initiated. If just one other symbol matches the frozen symbol, it will also freeze on the reels and another spin will be initiated. This will continue to happen until no more symbols come up matching that match the set of frozen symbols. This type of re-spin feature can result in some rather large payouts from just a single spin.

Fruitoids Slot Multiplier Bonus

Multiplier Bonus Feature

The second bonus feature in Fruitoids that can result in a big payout is the multiplier feature. When an entire row of symbols match up, the entire row will freeze on the reels and initiate a bet multiplier. Each consecutive row adds another 1x multiplier to the winning payout. If all five rows are matched up, the winning combination will be multiplied by 5x. The combination of the frozen symbols and the multipliers turns this simple slot into a high paying game that will appeal to just about every slot enthusiast.