Hunt Down Some Trophies with Safari Madness Slots

Safari Madness slot is a classic style slot with some interesting characteristic fruit machine playability.

Safari Madness developed by Net Entertainment features three reels, three rows and eight paylines. Players should be aware that lines run diagonally, vertically and even horizontally from left to right.

Take The Tour And Play

Start the madness by optimizing your wager amount through the lines and stake size, once satisfied, smash the spin button to see the action unfold. Safari Madness is basic and no complicated wagering strategy is required for the slot. The general rule of thumb can be followed, which is the higher the token value on any win equates to dramatically increased winnings.

Players should keep an eager eye open for the tourist on Safari, land nine of these and benefit from a 3000x stake prize. In contrast the giraffe is the lowest paying symbol in the game with three giraffes rewarding players with an 8x stake prize.

Safari Madness Interface

Safari Madness is a classic style slot, running an African Adventure theme that is echoed on the reels. Vivid colours and cheerful cartooned wildlife adorn the interface capturing a simple and aesthetically pleasing platform with classic slot features.

Safari Madness is a raw entertainment title, the game does not feature any enhanced graphical interface, special symbols or bonus games. The titles predominant strengths lie in the sole focus on reel spinning action.

For the most part classic slots are fundamentally based on fruit machine mechanics. Safari Madness is a unique offering from Net Entertainment that incorporates the prevalent use of African inspired symbols into the theme of an Australian Online pokies game.

The use of an exclusive lounge as a backdrop adds a sense of elitism to a rather playful title. The placement of any potential player is immersive enough to highlight a fun and entertaining g slot play experience.

The Mad And Plain Truth

Safari Madness is a classic slot style title, which offers little to no enhanced benefits. Unique and plain, Safari Madness is a title that should only be considered by players in quest of a classic slot style approach with altered reel symbols. The game functions in the same methodical way as any classic slot title with a basic interface that allows for rapid pace gaming.

Simplistic and raw function is the appeal in the game. The vivid and bright cartoon like graphics attempt to enhance a title that functions like most straightforward slots available. The game manages to stand out against a vast selection of similar titles, however the nuanced characteristics do not make Safari Madness an overhauled classic slot experience, as there are no defining key features that distinguish the title from a multiplicity of similar games.

The Reel Symbols

Safari Madness based on a classic slot interface incorporates only traditional single, double and triple bar reel symbols as part of a classics slot look and feel. The other symbols, which have been combined into the slot in such a way that accommodates modern aesthetic, include a baby giraffe, a hippo, a crocodile, a tiger, a lion, a yellow jeep and a tourist on safari.