Slam Some Cash to Win with US Open Betting

The US Open is the fourth and final instalment of Grand Slam tennis, bouncing into action in September.

Taking place in the Meadow tennis complex in New York, the US Open like all other Grand Slams is an attractive pool for wagering on various outcomes, where only the greatest athletes compete. It’s an intense two weeks, top athletes battle it out head to head and as double the trouble for some of the most lucrative prizes the sport offers.

Featuring hardened surfaces like that of the ATP and WTA, the US Open is prime court. Sports enthusiasts set on laying wagers during the tournament should take this into consideration, as all players would have had ample time on these courts. Certain players also flourish on these surfaces unlike Wimbledon where softer grassy turf can hamper some.

A mixture of Hollywood glitz and New York panache floods the stands. The Us Open is a major sporting event with a multiplicity of games that can be easily wagered on from almost anywhere in the world at the best betting sites.

Know Your Bookie

Only legitimate, well-established bookies should be considered when laying wagers on the US Open. Research the Bookie and use forums to distinguish between highly regarded and fly by night sites.

The US Open Wagering Variations

A Grand Slam event such as the US Open is a massive scale-wagering event. With numerous rounds and hundreds of players, the possibilities are nearly endless. Tennis is one of the more simplistic sports to wager on due to its easy to follow structure and game rules.

Sports enthusiasts have an array of wagering options available including Outright Bets, Match Betting, Handicap Betting, Set Betting and Correct Score Wagering.

Learn How To Wager

If you opt to wager on tennis or any other form of sport it is key to understand probability and odds. The implied probability of a player to win is divided by the total outcome of 100% which will provide the odds similar to AFL betting odds.

Wagering on sports requires strategy and market analysis; if you are new to the game, take time to research what implied probability and fractional probability comprise of, in order to lay the most valuable wager.

Previous Single Event Winners 

Scanning through previous event winners will help to calculate a valuable wager on the current US Open. Tennis is a game where players tend to maintain consistent performances. Many players maintain their rankings and some improve dramatically, therefore it is wise to study both.

The Men’s single winners are as follows;

The winner for 2012 was Andy Murray.

The winner for 2013 was Rafael Nadal.

The winner for 2014 was Marin Cilic.

The 2015 winner was Novak Djokovic.

The Women’s single winners were;

2012, 2013 and 2014 winner was Serena Williams.

The winner for 2015 was Flavia Pennetta.

US Open Format

The US Open serves its opening volley into the final stretch of August lasting approximately two weeks into September.

Many hopefuls strive for the tournaments ultimate reward. There are 128 players for both the men and women’s singles competition.

Men’s single and double positions are obtained via strict rankings according to the ATP.

Women’s single and double positions are sourced from the WTA rankings.

This is a strict seeding structure that allows for no leeway or last minute changes.

The US Open main tournament consists of five events. These include Men’s and Women’s singles, Men’s and Women’s doubles and mixed doubles.