The Marvel of Mayan Millions

Software developer Nektan specialises in slot games for mobile platforms, and as a result has developed a standard layout that makes for uncluttered, easy-to-follow play on smart-phone touchscreens. Only the artwork needs to be changed between titles, and as usual a lot of attention has been paid to crafting a rich, sumptuous background for the Mayan Marvels slot game.

Scatter and Wild Also Nektan Traditions

To keep the mobile playing experience streamlined and seamless, Nektan opts not to overload its slot titles with bonus features, but a Wild and a Scatter are pretty standard, at least. The Mayan Marvels Wild is in keeping with the treasure theme: a solid gold ceremonial mask set with a ruby and other gems.

With only 15 paylines, a maximum stake of 1.00 per line in the chosen currency and a top prize of 500X the line bet, Mayan Marvels may not seem as lucrative as some other Nektan titles, but several of those titles only deliver 15 free spins when three or more Scatter symbols come up on a paid spin. The Mayan Marvels Scatter, a circular arrow inscribed with the word Spins, triggers 30 free spins whenever it appears three or more times, so it’s a case of losing on the swings, but winning on the roundabouts.

Symbols Carved in Stone                                                                             

The Meso-American theme continues in Mayan Marvels’ low-value Poker symbols, 10 to A. The numerals and letters are carved from solid rock, and as usual five As on a payline will reap the biggest reward: 200X the line bet.

An ancient Mayan wall is shown, half-uncovered from its cloak of jungle plants. The wall has several stones broken out, revealing shining heaps of gold in the storeroom within. The five invisible reels, bordered in geometric pre-Columbian stonework, spin against this backdrop, and the themed symbols continue to mix Mayan iconography with gold and jewels.

Next up in value are four Mayan gods, carved as different coloured stone faces, each set with a corresponding jewel. The lowest of these pays 300X the line bet for five of a kind, with the multiplier increasing by 50 for each succeeding symbol. The Mayan Marvels logo, also carved in stone, is the highest-value symbol, paying 500X the line bet for five of a kind.

Compatible with All Platforms

Although originally designed for mobile play, Mayan Marvels plays just as smoothly on desktops or laptops, so it can be found at both mobile and online casinos. Players simply use their mouse or track pad to activate the four control buttons, which are located in two pairs on either side of the reels, for easy thumb access during touchscreen mobile play as a sidline slots game while enjoying online bingo in Canada.

Those who like a New Age feel to their slot games should enjoy the lilting pan-pipe orchestration that accompanies play; a ceaseless rain-forest-inspired symphony that loops unchanged through base play and free spins alike. Those who don’t find it quite so soothing can ditch the soundtrack with a few deft taps on the screen, or clicks of a mouse.