Dog Father Online slots Game Review

The classic film, The Godfather is the basis of the mafia themed Dog Father online slots game. This game boasts Jazz style sound effects reminiscent of the times when gangsters where rife. The sound of a cocking gun can be heard when the spin key is pushed and the reels start to spin. The symbols range from hilarious canine mobsters to mafia styled paraphernalia including revolvers, cigars, dog paw knuckledusters, fire hydrants and toy bunnies stuffed with cash. The graphics feature cartoon styled animations that add to the quirky nature of the funny hoodlum dogs.

Simple Steps to Play Dog Father

Dog Father is a five reel slots game with twenty pay lines. Each pay line can be bet on with a maximum of five coins making one hundred coins the total maximum bet allowed per spin. The online slots game has a bet button which allows players to adjust the bets placed and a max bet key which will automatically adjust the bet to the maximum amount.

The coin size key sets the size of the coins used to bet. Once the bets are in place the spin key is used to start the game and spin the reels. If the players wish to see the amount they have earned, they can look in the win field where the winnings are displayed. There is a statistics field where the players can check out the games information from the top winning combinations that have been hit to the number of spins that have been spun.

Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

The wild symbol in this online slots game is the Da Boss symbol. He is a mean looking bulldog that acts as a substitute for any of the standard symbols to produce a winning combination.

The Dog Father scatter symbol is the Itchy Flea, this symbol needs to be displayed three times anywhere on the screen and not necessarily in a row to trigger free spins. Thirteen free spins are activated and any winning combinations hit with the free spins pays out three times the amount. If additional three Itchy flea symbols appear at any time during the free spins play, a further thirteen free spins are triggered.

The Mark your Territory bonus feature is activated when at least three fire hydrants are hit. This bonus feature brings up another screen which displays thirteen fire hydrants with secret bonus rewards hidden behind them. Players can choose the same number of fire hydrants as those that triggered the bonus feature. The mystery rewards hidden behind the fire hydrants are multiplied by the value of the initial bet.

Winning the Dog Father Jackpot

The Da Boss symbol is the Dog Father himself. This mean looking bulldog does not only act as the wild symbol, he is also the highest paying dog for mobile pokies NZ. Five of these symbols hit in a winning combination pays out thirteen thousand coins. When this winning combination is hit, the animations come alive. The Dog Father chuckles as he plots and schemes, with a book that is hilariously titled “How to take care of cats”.