Boost your Winning Potential with Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at land based casinos and online, and in Australia players flock to real and virtual tables to get in on the action. This exciting card comparing game is renowned for being easy to learn, but somewhat tricky to master and that’s part of what makes it so popular. The fact that it blackjack also pay out huge wins when you beat the dealer to 21 is another major draw card, and players who have learnt how to apply strategies will always stand a better chance of winning big than those who go in blind.

Work your Way to a Winning Hand

Blackjack, unlike pokies, roulette and many other favoured casino games based on chance, is one of the few that a player can influence the outcome of. By using strategies players are able to manipulate the game and increase their chances of having a winning hand, and often all it comes down to is knowing when to hit, and when to stand.

Blackjack strategy tables are readily available at online blackjack Canada and players in Australia can easily take advantage of all the useful resources the top rated casinos have to offer.  As every hand of blackjack has a finite number of card combinations that can occur, creating a strategy system that works in the players favour has been possible at Although not always 100% fail proof, by following a strategy players should have a very good idea of what the final outcome shall be.

With so many different types of blackjack on offer online and some casinos featuring in excess of 40 or more different styles, there are numerous blackjack tables and strategy guides, all of which are geared towards a specific type of game. Some games are single hand whilst others are multi-hand and this can have an influence on the way you play. Every type of blackjack has its own unique attractions and players can choose the less complex variants to start off, applying basic strategies and progressing and advancing as they become more confident in their ability.

Set your Own Pace Online

Blackjack is a fun and suspenseful game and although it’s very fast-paced generally, playing online allows you to adjust the way you play. The best Australian online casinos also offer free blackjack games that make the perfect platform for practice and many players make use of these games to hone their skills and sharpen their strategies.

Free games may not offer the potential for large wins but they are incredibly rewarding in so many other ways. In a land based casino you’d never be able to play for free simply to brush up your skills, you’d have to make a bet, and as the game plays out so quickly you could find yourself losing a lot of money. When playing online, free blackjack games have no risk and no obligation so you can enjoy hand after hand without any worry about your bankroll depleting drastically.

By using blackjack strategy you stand the very best chance of beating the dealer to 21 and can enjoy regular success in the online arena. Once you feel you have mastered the game you can try your luck and test your skills in the Live Dealer games, where playing from the comfort of your own home via video feed replicates a real-life gaming experience, only with added enhancements.