Greyhound Racing – Best Sports Betting

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is a popular sport all over the world, with tracks professional and amateur in many countries. Although not as popular thoroughbred racing, greyhound racing is still bet upon by a large number of punters each year. There are various ways to place a bet on greyhound racing, including a number of online sites. These sites different types of wagers as well as various fixed odds which range from site to site.

Finding a Betting Site

To find a site for greyhound racing betting, one needs only a stable internet connection, as well as a device with which to access the site. Suitable devices range from laptop computers as well as desktop computers, to even mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or even a smart watch.

Many online sites actually cater specifically for mobile devices, with software having been written to best be run on operating systems such as Android or iOS. To access the sites on your mobile device, make sure that your Internet connection is stable and you have enough data. Using your search engine simply enter greyhound racing online betting, or a similar phrase, and a large number of results will come up. To place a bet with these sites, you will most likely have to create a membership, by providing proof of identity as well as possibly bank details such as a credit card.

Many Different Wagers

There are a large number of wagers which one can place on a greyhound race, from wagers for beginners such as an outright win, to bets which are more suited to punters with a bit more experience both in the sport of greyhound racing as well as placing a wager on races. Beginners and experienced punters alike can find information on the world of greyhound racing online, both on what the actual wagers entail as well as a bit of history on the dogs, the tracks, and even possibly the trainers of the dogs.

Before one places a wager on a race or a dog, always do the research and know exactly what you’re wagering on. Some of the simpler bets include things such as a straight bet, which is also known as a single or a win is bet. This is the simplest and most common of the bets on greyhound racing, and is basically a bet on which dog will cross the line first. Other simple bets include such things as a place, which is a wager on whether the dog will come in second or third and a show.

A quinella is a bet placed on two greyhounds to finish first and second in that order. This should only be undertaken by someone who is very savvy not only in the world of greyhound racing but also knows the dogs quite well, and has been following their histories.

Origins of the Sport

Greyhound racing began over 1000 years ago in the Middle East and Europe. Greyhounds are sight hounds, which mean that they hunt by sight as opposed to bloodhounds that hunt by scent. The original racing was called coursing, and involved chasing live prey. That has of course become illegal and only mechanical lures are used these days.