Online Baccarat for Canadian Players

This prestigious card game has graced the online world with its presence. Baccarat, an ancient Italian card game, is very well known amongst the rich and famous. It’s a game based a lot on luck, and if it’s your lucky day you’ll be walking away smiling from ear to ear. Don’t let the popularity of the game shy you away, it’s popular for a reason, and that reason should no longer be kept a secret. Canadian online casino players have hours and hours of fun lying ahead with this high roller game.

Getting Started with Online Baccarat

Getting started is simple, if you’re familiar to the online casino arena then make your way to the games tab at your favourite casino and select Baccarat. If you’re new to the scene within a few easy steps you’ll be ready to start playing. The first thing you’ll need to do is to decide whether you will play straight from your web browser, or whether you’ll choose the downloadable app. Te only difference between the two is the convenience of an app, one click away from game play. The next step will be to register and online casino account. An automated form will pop on your screen and it will ask you for a few of your basic details. Once that’s done, head on over to the games list and select Baccarat as your preferred game to play.

How to Play this Prestigious Card Game

Once you’ve landed on the Baccarat screen you will need to know some of the basics. And don’t let the layout confuse you, at first glance it can come across as quite daunting. If you know what the aim of the game is then you’re all set. This game is played with an average of 6 – 8 decks. Once the online dealer has shuffled the cards you will be dealt 2 cards. Some say this game is very similar to Blackjack, except this time you won’t be aiming for a total of 21 points you’ll be aiming for a total of 9 instead.

To make up the total of 9 you will need to know the values of the cards. Cards 2 – 9 are at face value, cards 10, J, Q, K are valued at 10 and the Ace is valued at either a 0 or a 1.

3 Winnings Bets to Choose From

When playing online Baccarat it’s important for Canadian players to know that there are 3 main bets to place. You can either bet on the player, the banker or on a tie between the two. Based on the total value of your 2 cards, you can choose which bet you would like to place. If your cards are equal to 9 on the first round you are automatically a winner, if your cards are below 9 you can choose to take another one to make up the deficit, and if your cards are above 9 you then need to drop one of your cards and play with what’s remaining.

It’s tough to say which bet is better to go for, it is a card game after all, and luck is a big factor. Payouts from bets placed on the player pay out more, and bets placed on the banker pay out less but more frequently. If you bet on a tie then the average page is around 8:1. The decision is yours.

Don’t let the complicated layout affect your decision to play, it’s a card game and a simple one at that, with rather larger payout ratios.