Online Baccarat: Updating a Casino Classic

Baccarat is the only card game ever to land the heir to the British throne in court. In 1891 the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) had to give evidence in a slander trial during “the Royal Baccarat Scandal”, after a guest at a house-party was caught cheating at cards. Happily, the cheat’s preferred method (secretly increasing his bet after a favourable hand was dealt) is impossible in Online Baccarat, as bets are locked in before play commences and cannot be tampered with. Canadian online gambling enthusiasts can thus play this classic casino game secure in the knowledge that everything is on the straight and narrow, and that the player’s skill is just as important as the luck of the cards, when it comes to winning.

A Bit of Bond; Anywhere, Anytime

In Ian Fleming’s original James Bond novel, Casino Royale, it is 007’s skill at Baccarat that allows him to bankrupt the arch-villain, Le Chiffre of SPECTRE. The beauty of Online Baccarat is that nobody has to wear a tuxedo to play, and the fate of the world seldom hangs on a single hand. But the game’s deceptive simplicity, with player against dealer, only two (or at most, three) cards each, and the myriad combinations that can make that magical number nine is what makes the game attractive to card connoisseurs. It delivers a level of suspense unmatched by more complicated games, giving it the thrill of sophisticated fun from a bygone era. With the best online casinos now offering live dealers via webcam streaming, players in Canada can enjoy an even more authentic casino experience.

Multiple Online Baccarat Options Available

Another aspect that attracts players to Online Baccarat Canada is the wide range of options available. Baccarat allows the player to bet on the dealer winning the hand, or a tie, which immediately gives the serious player a wider range of winning strategies. Add to that the different variations of the game on offer, and the number of vetted and reviewed online casinos available, and it is no surprise that its popularity continues to grow. An understanding of the odds and the dealer’s required response to various card combinations is the key to turning skillful betting into regular winnings.

Play for Fun; or for Real Money

Like all deceptively simple card games, Online Baccarat can take a while for the novice get to know properly. Becoming proficient in the game’s most profitable playing and betting strategies takes practice, and that could be expensive. Fortunately, a “Play for Free” option is a feature offered by all of the top-rated online casinos, so if you have yet to master Baccarat properly, you can play to your heart’s content as you polish your skills, without wagering any money. When you’re confident that you’ve got the hang of it, you can update your profile and play to win real Canadian Dollars. Either way, whether you’re playing for fun or money, Online Baccarat brings the thrill of the casino as close as your Internet connection.