Live Betting Option for Punters

Live Betting Options

Some bettors like to plan their bets weeks, or even months in advance, researching teams and exploring all the factors. This is great, and sure to give good results.

Other bettors, however, like to live in the moment, and place bets while the action is in progress.

Placing bets on currently unfolding games is called live betting, and is now easier than ever before with the power of modern technology and the internet.

But how does live betting work? Aren’t odds assigned to teams based on their potential to win, before the game has started? Bookmakers do indeed assign teams odds before a game is underway, based the performance of those teams, and their likelihood of winning. When a game gets underway, however, some online bookmakers will keep updating the odds constantly, based on how the game seems to be going. There are many benefits to placing live bets.

Fluctuating Odds

There are many times in sporting history when it seems like a team is going to lose a game, but comes back strong and snatches a victory against all odds. These are the times when live betting is most beneficial, and most lucrative. Placing a live bet on a team that seems like it will lose may be risky, but the live odds given to that team may also mean enormous payouts.

A team that is down several points will be given low odds, and even a moderate bet may results in a small fortune being paid out. The trick is, of course, recognising when a team is capable of making a comeback. Bettors who are familiar with teams, and how well those teams perform, are the most likely to place lucrative live bets.

Keeping Odds

The key to understanding live betting is keeping in mind that although odds change throughout a game, the bettor keeps the odds that were official at the time of a bet being placed. Whatever happens to the odds beyond the official bet is irrelevant, and has no bearing on what payouts will be made. It is this factor that makes live betting so interesting, and so exciting.

Getting Involved in Live Betting

If you want to take part in live betting, all you need do is have access to an online bettor while the game is being played. This can be done via a smartphone from anywhere like punters access NBA betting Australia sites. Keep in mind that an application may have to be installed on the phone in order for live odds updates to be provided.

Some online bookmakers also offer live feeds of games on their website. These feeds have wagering software easily accessible, allowing quick bets to be placed while the game is watched. Such feeds can be accessed via any device that has reliable internet, including home computers, tablets, and smartphones. Remember to have an account ready for the sporting event, to avoid having to create an account while the game is in progress. Also remember to have betting funds ready and available in the account.