Hit a Six with Cricket Bets

As the modern game of cricket develops, so too does its popularity with sports bettors. As new game styles have been introduced, more and more people are signing up for online cricket bets.

Cricket provides a great platform for both new and experienced sports bettors thanks to the variety of game formats available. If you want exciting matches and nail biting betting, cricket is definitely a great sport to bet on.

To bet on cricket successfully requires a solid Cricket Betting Strategy. Due to the nature of the average cricket match and the aforementioned game format variety, you need to take a methodical, well researched approach if you really want to make cricket betting a rewarding experience.

Research The Teams

Even though you can find many tips on cricket betting at a variety of sites online, nothing really beats doing your own research.

This way you vastly improve your knowledge of the game in general and in future you will be able to trust your instincts more.

Research can be done using online resources that provide team statistics along with sports news resources that can provide information on team travel arrangements, team compositions, transfers or any other cricket related news that can be relevant when determining how to place your wagers using Cricket Betting Strategy.

Start Off With Single Bets

If you are just starting out with real money sports betting, your best cricket betting option is single betting. Not only are the odds great but you simply need to pick one winner, as compared to for instance parlay betting.

Single bets are a great way to build up your betting knowledge and further develop your Cricket Betting Strategy.

Variety In Strategy

Firstly, since there are so many ways to enjoy cricket, you will need to first decide what game format you wish to wager on using a Cricket Betting Strategy.

Do you want the fast paced action of a T20 game or do you prefer the more lengthy 5 day test matches? Do you wish to wager on the traditional English tournaments or would you prefer the explosive and exciting Indian Premier League tournaments?

The reason you should preferably pick one game format to start off with is because it will play a huge role in determining your betting strategy.

A cricket team will prepare and perform much differently for a one day T20 match than you will see for a 5 day test match.

Take Into Account Outside Factors

A crucial element that can so easily be left out of a cricket betting strategy is outside factors. It won’t matter using one of the top cricket betting sites if you aren’t considering all variable when placing your wagers.

These variables include whether a match will be at home or away for a team. You also need to consider the weather on the day of the event and can make changes on your Australian betting apps, the travel times of the visiting team as well as any new transfers that have occurred in the team.

Many times a team will trial new players on test matches or smaller events and this can have a huge influence on a game.

Find Great Odds

No amount of research however will improve poor starting odds, and it is essential that you always get the best odds you possibly can. Shopping around for the best odds is part of betting, and by going online this is even easier.

By signing up to more than one betting site, you can use the different odds strategically to always get a value betting proposition, no matter what your choice of cricket league or tournament is.