Making Head and Tail of Online Betting Offers

Supply and demand economies apply even to sports betting sites. The existence of free bets, offers and incentives are all designed to attract and retain customers. By doing some research and comparing the various sites, American punters will find significant amounts of bonuses and offers; the free bets that make wagering or joining a new site so much fun. It is, in fact, the act of actually hunting for these online betting offers that is the real relish on the sport betting hamburger. There is a constant supply of offers becoming available, but in principle they are mostly variants of the standard free bets offer, the basics of which will be clarified here.

Free Bets Up for Grabs

Free bets sounds like a contradiction in terms, but with the popularity of online sports books, and the huge multimillion dollar industry it has generated, there is major competition between the various sports book sites, and American punters are in the perfect position to reap the rewards of this competitiveness. Effectively, free bets are given as an incentive to join the site. Regularly the top betting sites online will match your initial bet with an equivalent amount to bet on anything you wish. People from all over the world are taking advantage of the great opportunities of free bet offers, and now you can too.

Free bets are generally broken down into 2 categories; the stake returned free bets, or SR free bets, and stake not returned free bets, or SNR free bets.

Opting for the stake returned free bets is the same as betting with your own money. If you win the bet, you get the winnings payout, as well as a return of the value of the bet. So, for example if you make a bet of 10 USD at odds of 4 : 1 and win, you get a return of 10 x 4, being 40 USD, thus including the return of your stake.

Stake not returned free bets, is an occasion where you do not get a return on the bet value. The free bet value remains as it is, imaginary. For example if you place a bet of 10 USD at 4 : 1 odds and win, you get a return of 10 x 4 – 10 for the bet value, which would be 30 USD. Still quite a payout seeing as there was no real money being risked.

There are the minimum odds that must be wagered in order to qualify for the free bets bonuses. These are site, sport and bonus specific. For example, a site may list that in order to obtain the free bet bonus, you need to wager on odds of 2 : 1 or more. These requirements will be stipulated in the sites’ terms and conditions.

Fair Free bet Offers

Additional requirements and restrictions may include limitations on the number of accounts available to each member and household. This means that some sports book sites are fixed, and assign each household a single account, assuming one punter only. Some sites allow multiple accounts to be made from one house hold, each with their own chances to obtain the free bet bonuses. Others are locked to only allow one account per house hold. This information can also be found within the terms and conditions

In this competitive world of online betting, customer loyalty is heartily rewarded. Huge special offers, often in the form of free bets, are given to existing customers. While most free bet offers are available on sign up, many are also given to regular users in the form of reload bonuses, loyalty programs, and special offers when the site is promoting specific sporting events.