Reviewing Exotic Treasures Slot by Williams Interactive Games

Exotic Treasures, the extraordinarily popular land-based casino slots game from Williams Interactive Games, or WMS, is available online, and is provided in all its glory for players to enjoy any time of night or day, from wherever they are able to make use of a connection to the World Wide Web.

Hunting for treasure has long been a sometimes very profitable pastime for mankind, and the depiction of this hobby has taken many forms throughout the years, ranging from films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Lara Croft to books like Treasure Island, and Exotic Treasures now fills the video slots gap in this list. Players are able to enjoy the experience of hunting for their own fortune with this video slots game from Williams Interactive Gaming, and can enjoy the fruits of their labour in the real world when they manage to strike it rich.

Format for WMS’ Exotic Treasures Online Slots Game

Exotic Treasures is a five-reel video slots game that forms part of the WMS Bluebird platform of games. It was launched at brick-and-mortar casinos at first, worldwide, and, thanks to how popular it proved with players of a variety of regions; tastes; and ages, it was quickly translated into a format suitable for online play. It is able to offer players as many as 200 free spins as a reward for successful play, in which all winnings will be doubled, and this fact alone ensures that it continues to be enjoyed as frequently as it initially was.

Exotic Treasures offers players five-reels on which to amass their money, and the game’s symbols include all the types of imagery most popularly associated with this hobby, and snakes; idols; aeroplanes; jewels; temples; jaguars and a curvaceous, flame-haired heroine all step up to provide a visual feast for players who choose to enjoy it. The game’s cabinet features two screens, with the top one displaying the game along with the various jackpots on offer, and the bottom featuring the reels for play and a touchscreen which is able to trigger the bonus features provided by WMS.

Gameplay for Exotic Treasures Online Slots

Gameplay for Exotic Treasures is an incredibly smooth experience, as it always is with titles from this developer, and it oozes sophistication, delivering fun and entertainment that is sure to awaken the adventurer in even the tamest player. The 200 free spins, one of this game’s biggest draw cards, are awarded to players that manage to unearth a preset amount of scatter symbols on their reels, and all of the winnings that they may incur during this portion of play will be doubled. There are some truly life-changing prizes on offer with this game, and its continued popularity is guaranteed because of this.

Williams Interactive Games has been in operation for a long time, and the consistently high quality of the real money online slots games it manages to deliver have players lining up, virtually, to enjoy their products whenever they can.