What is Harness Racing and How to Place Bets ?

Harness racing is a type of horse racing where the horses race at a trot or pace.  Harness racing usually involves pulling a light two wheeled cart known as a sulky.  In some areas in Europe harness racing may also be done under a saddle, known as trot monté.  There are two methods of conducting harness racing, trotting or pacing.  The difference between these two is that trotters move their legs forward diagonally in pairs and pacers move their legs laterally.

Factors to Consider when Betting

Most harness racing events are a mile long or about 1.6 kilometres.  The post position of the horse is an important factor to consider when betting on harness racing.  Horses that are placed in inside positions will have less ground to clear and will have a better race than horses that are given a wider position or are placed near the back and have to go around the other horses.

Knowing who the drivers are plays an important role in choosing who to place a bet on Crown Oaks betting.  Bettors can look at the Universal Driving Rating of each driver which is a statistic that looks at past performances and rates the driver according to their wins, seconds, thirds and the amount of starts.  A guideline to use is the number .300 which is considered satisfactory.

The class of the horse is another important factor to consider and those horses that have performed well will usually have more class and the odds of winning are usually greater.  Bettors should ensure that they keep up to date with the conditions of the race which will help them ascertain how each horse fits the conditions.

The 4 main types of races.  Conditioned races are where the determining factor is age, sex, amount of money or races won.  Claiming races is where the horses may be purchased for a certain amount.  Preferred or open races are mainly for the fastest horses and these horses are then invited by the racing secretary for a certain race.  The breeders and sires stakes is where a horse is nominated and the owner pays a fee plus regular payments to ensure that the horse remains eligible for the race.

The form of the horse plays an important role when placing bet on a horse.  It is known that thoroughbreds usually run better and keep their form for a longer period than other horses.  Looking at the performance of the horse in past races will help bettors understand the reasons for a horse losing its form.  Taking the extra time to look at all of these factors will help bettors to make wise bets.

The Triple Crown

One of the most prestigious harness racing events is known as the Triple Crown.  This event consists of 3 races namely the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.  This series of races begins in May and is followed by the other two events.  These 3 races are considered to be highlight of the harness racing calendar.

Harness racing has become a popular betting option for many bettors and knowing what factors to look out for when placing a wager will greatly increase the opportunities for a big win.