An Explanation To Tip Jar Gaming

Tip Jar Gaming is when participating players purchase folded or closed pieces of paper for a set price. Matching tickets to the ones sold are placed in a glass jar which are then drawn to reveal the winning tickets. The Tip Jar game is much the same as a raffle as the pieces of paper have either numbers or symbols on them which are linked to predetermined prizes. All prizes are issued immediately after opening the piece of paper.

Raffles have always been popular around the world and have been used to raise funds for various events and charities. There are a variety of types of raffles which include the Tip Jar game, Tombola and more. Not all raffles award cash prizes to the winners but Tip Jar Gaming is typically a number of cash prizes raised from the ticket purchases. The profit made by the hosting venue can be used for various purposes including charities and even possibly funds for renovations and so on.

The name of tip jars originated when all betting slips had been tipped out of their bags into various glass jars like fish bowls. Tip Jar Gaming does not however need to be played with the use of a glass jar as the pieces of paper may also be piled up in a spread or pinned to a board of some sorts.

Who Participates in Tip Jar Gaming

Tip Gar Gaming is considered to be a low key numbers game that generates high revenue. The game is generally played at various taverns; bars; nightclubs; fire halls and so on who use the game to make additional funds, which are not necessarily taxed.

Even though Tip Jar Gaming is a raffle type of game there may be certain laws in certain locations but generally it is allowed. Most customers at the specific venues are eligible to participate in the game.

How to Play the Tip Jar Game

There are many variations to the Tip Jar game but essentially the same basic principal is used across the board. Tip Jar Gaming is played much like a raffle where participating players purchase and play online in the hopes of winning a prize. The first prizes generally go up to several hundred, similar to real money blackjack Australia.

The variations of the Tip Jar game have various names including the Club Jar which is nicknamed Cookie Jar. The tickets for one specific game are initially sealed in an envelope before they are tipped into the glass jar. The tickets typically consist of four digit numbers ranging from 0001 to 1600. Some instant winning numbers are set at numbers ending in 77 or 55 while numbers ending in 00 are called holders. These all offer up the chance at winning the first prize.

When all of the tickets are purchased one representative, usually an employee of the establishment, will unseal one corresponding number to reveal the winning ticket. The winners are then awarded their prizes immediately after the draw but if anyone fails to collect their prize another ticket will be drawn.