iPad Vegas Bingo Gives Global Access

What happens in Vegas may indeed stay in Vegas, but the online and mobile gaming revolution has ensured that what happens in Vegas doesn’t really need to happen in Vegas in the first place.

Mobile devices like the iPad not only give keen casino fans the opportunity to play Vegas casino games such as iPad Vegas Bingo from anywhere in the world; they do so on a touchscreen significantly larger than a mobile phone’s, allowing for precise game play and a better Bingo-hall experience.

The iPad’s graphics and sound performance, which improves with every new version of the device, also offers an experience comparable to a land-based casino when playing iPad Vegas Bingo. The iPad’s built-in encryption software, combined with sensible precautions on users’ security settings, also makes playing iPad Vegas Bingo safer, which is always a consideration when sharing sensitive information like banking details online.

The Rise of Online Bingo

Nevada is one of only four states in the USA that do not allow a state lottery; this is to ensure that the state’s reputation as a gambling mecca is not diluted by competition for its casinos. However, lottery games like Bingo are perennially popular, so they have long been a feature of individual land-based casinos.

Access via iPad Vegas Bingo online has expanded the potential playing pool to include any player across the globe with an iPad and an Internet connection. US Bingo uses a pool of 75 numbers, and iPad Vegas Bingo plays in the standard format: players buy cards with a 5 X 5 number grid pre-set on each card, and the numbers are marked off as each new number is drawn. In land-based casinos, the draw will be made from a revolving barrel containing 75 balls; online, the choosing of numbers is handled by random number generators.

Each Bingo game will feature designated winning patterns, and players have to match these patterns with their marked numbers to call “Bingo!” and win a prize. Some games end after the first pattern match, while others continue, offering escalating prizes on a series of pattern matches that get harder to hit as the prize values go up.

Choosing iPad Vegas Bingo Sites

The only niggle that iPad users need to be aware of is that not all mobile casino games will play on the device. Because of Apple’s security concerns, no Java Flash games can run on an iPad by default. That is hardly an obstacle, however; the competition for online gambling fans is intense, both within and between traditional casinos and online Bingo halls. So almost all sites will code alternative versions of Java Flash games in HTML5, a platform compatible with the iPad. So keen iPad Vegas Bingo players will have no trouble finding compatible versions of all their favourite games; whether to download an app or play directly on site via the iPad’s Safari browser.

There are also plenty of review sites that rate operations offering iPad Vegas Bingo according to the ease of game play, the look and sound of the game, the frequency of wins and the site’s promptness when it comes to handing over players’ winnings.

Some elementary homework, before a player risks any money, will help them sort out the best iPad Vegas Bingo sites from any untrustworthy operations that are best avoided.