Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold in Review for Internet Casino Players

Microgaming’s Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is designed to give roulette-loving players the option of increasing their chances to win. While player’s place bets on one table, they can play up to eight wheels.

This uncommon twist to the online version of the popular casino game offers the same gameplay as found in land-based and online casinos around the world, so there are no complicated new rules to learn.

The game is presented in clear graphics, features good sound, and is easy to play on PC and mobile device.

Online Roulette Basics

While Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold can be played with as many as eight wheels, the basic gameplay remains the same as the European variation of the game.

The wheels found in the game feature pockets numbered from 0 to 36 into which a white ball is dropped, and the tables feature the familiar layout, colours, and numbers.

Players need to guess the colour and/or number of the pocket in which the ball will come to a rest. Bets can be placed on a single number or colour, or on a range, such as Odd or Even, High or Low, Columns or Dozens.

Other bets that players could place when playing Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold are also known by French names; among them Le Tiers du Cylindre or Thirds of the Wheel, Orphelins or Orphans, Jeu Zero or Zero Game, and Les Voisins du Zero or Neighbours of Zero.

Once bets have been placed, players would select the appropriate button to spin the wheel. The winning colour and number are announced only once the ball has come to a rest.

Playing with Multiple Wheels

As can be seen, most versions of roulette work on the principle that players place bets on one ball in one wheel at one table. In Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold, it works slightly differently.

In this game, players can play that same bet as many of the eight wheels as they like. For example, if a player placed a simple bet on Red, that bet could be played on between one and eight wheels.

It must be noted that, if playing with real money, the amount of the bet is multiplied by the number of wheels played.

To return to the example, if the player bet 10 chips on Red, and played only one wheel, the bet cost them 10 chips. However, if they played that bet on three of the eight wheels, it would cost them 30 chips.

How it Works

How this all works in Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is simple. The first thing players need to do once they have launched the game is to select the wheel or wheels on which they want to play at sites like Gaming Club Casino.

At some sites, players may find that all or a number of wheels have been pre-selected. They can select or de-select wheels as they see fit.

Wheels chosen, players then set the value of their chips and select the appropriate betting area on the table, using the game controls. When players have finished placing their bets, they need to select the Spin button.

The wheels will spin simultaneously, and, once they have come to a stop, players will be shown the ball’s final resting place in each wheel. Any winning bets will then be paid out.

Graphics, Sound and Playing Action

Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is built with quality Microgaming software. It features sharp, clear graphics and animations, as well as ambient and realistic sound effects. The game offers smooth playing action, and an interface that is easy to navigate.