A Guide on How to Play Craps Online

How to Play Craps Online

There is a good reason that the game of craps has been so widely popular since it’s invention in the Middle Ages. It is one of those gambling games that is completely based on chance, with no skill factor, and complete reliance on the laws of probability, or luck, depending on who you ask.

The excitement generated by this game can be intoxicating, which is why you will often see crowds of people around the craps table who are simply there to watch and cheer on the players.

This may very well explain why the online version of craps has been slow to catch on. People simply enjoy the real thing too much!

However, with the major advancement to online technology and games in recent years, especially in terms of their graphics and playability, online craps has now become a very viable alternative.

Where to Get It?

Online craps games are generally available for download for your PC/Mac or mobile device from most online casino sites. There you will find full and detailed instructions on how to download and install the application. Most sites these days will also automatically detect what device you are using to make the process easier.

Likewise, there is a selection of craps games available for download on Google Play and the App Store. Make sure to check these for which are actual casino games, and which are just casual games or trainers though.

Note: When downloading from outside of Google Play, such as a casino site, Android users will need to change a setting on your phone that allows an app, also called an “apk”, to be installed. These steps will very likely be included in the download instructions, however a quick search will also easily bring up the steps.

Playing in a Browser

Like places instant wagers in the Super Bowl betting, another way of playing online craps is in the web browser of your PC/Mac, or your mobile device. No download is required with this method, and all you have to do is go to the online casino site, sign up, and start playing.

This is only offered by certain online casino sites, however. Also keep in mind that browser games are generally going to be simpler and less visually impressive than full-fledged applications. It’s worth taking a look if this doesn’t bother you though.

The Rules

Though minor house rules may exist in some new variations, online craps will generally have the very same rules, layout, bets, employable strategies, and payout as regular casino craps.

The only major difference is that you won’t be physically throwing any dice. You also won’t have crowds of people around you, though that may also be a welcome relief from distraction.

Internet Casino Security

Online Security

Online craps games are subject to the same laws, regulations, and assurance of quality, security, and pay out, as any casino or casino game, be it online or not.

However, be sure to always look for online casinos that are well established and have a generous player base. Also, always be sure to read the reviews, and do some research, before downloading anything.