History of American Roulette

The mainstream club game roulette incorporates single wagers, wagering on whether a number will be odd or even, red or dark, high or low, with the winner randomly chosen by a spinning ball on a wheel. Still popular in both land-based and online casinos today, Roulette is one of the oldest known casinos games, with American Roulette being one of the most popular variants.

How Do American Roulette And French Roulette Differ?

In American Roulette, the spinning wheel features 38 coloured and numbered slots with two zeros. When the ball lands on the zero, no one wins. However in French or European Roulette, a traditional 37 slotted wheel is played with a single zero present. Essentially the double zero wheel of American Roulette doubles the house edge of the game. The double zero wheel is what you are most likely to find in Las Vegas, Canada, South America, the Caribbean and the United States.

An Early History Of Roulette

The origins of Roulette date as far back as ancient china when torture wheels where used to gamble on the fate of captives. This Wheel of Fortune style gambling game was also played by Roman soldiers, who used their chariot wheels to play. The Greeks in turn used their metal shields as a form of gambling game, making equally spaced marks on their shields on which their shield would spin.

Then in the 17th century Hoca was played by the Italians on a circular table with numbered cups around the edge. Players would then gamble on which cup their ball would land on. At the same time E-O developed in England, also using a circular table with 40 numbered sections, but in this variant players would place bets on the number called being even or odd. As you can see Roulette is very similar in structure to these first gambling games.

Roulette Takes Off In France

Modern Roulette is said to be the brain child of Blaise Pascal. The French mathematician, inventor and physicist is said to have created the game while trying to develop a perpetual motion machine. There are also early records of the game being played at Palais Royal in Paris around 1796. The modern https://onlinecasinogambling.me/online-casino-games/roulette/ wheel is said to come from the game Biribi, a game of chance that was banned in 1837. The Biribi board featured marked numbers with players winning based on numbered tickets they had drawn from a bag.

Moving To America

By the 19th century Roulette had spread all through Europe, being especially popular in the city of Monte Carlo where it was the premier game. French immigrants who fled to the United States during the revolution brought the game to the states. The game became popular in New Orleans, the south’s gambling capital, however casino operators did not take well to the low house edge and so the double zero wheel was born.

Other Forms Of American Roulette

Some early American roulette games feature an Eagle slot, the American symbol of liberty. The American Eagle was played with the slot bringing the casino an advantage, however this version of the game has since been disbanded. The state of California also introduced California Roulette in 2004 in which cards replace the traditional roulette wheel slots in order to determine the winner.