A Quick Introduction to Smartwatch Casino Games

Smartwatch Casino Games

With all the amazing tech and gadgets we have these days, smartwatches are still amongst the most novel. First introduced in 1998 (by the company Seiko), they have been around for over twenty years, and have had a somewhat bumpy start in terms of popularity and use.

Nonetheless, the idea of wearing a high-tech multi-purpose gadget on one’s wrist has not lost its appeal. In the past decade they have also advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of quality and functionality (and sales), and now we can even play mobile casino games on them!

The Advantages of Smartwatches

Multitasking – Being strapped to your wrist, a smartwatch is the perfect gadget for multitasking while you’re on the go. Phones, as convenient as they are, still have to be handled, and so can often be distracting and easily dropped.

Convenience – As mentioned, the convenience of smartwatches over phones, is apparent when it comes to, for instance, handling them at certain times. Also, while smartwatch’s screen is much smaller than a smart phone, the touch-screen capability allows for some inventive and surprisingly effective ways of using it and playing games. Also, smartwatches can just as easily connect to an available WiFi network as any other mobile device. So, you don’t necessarily have to have your phone on you, or even nearby.

Mobility – Of all the mobile devices of today, you can’t really get much more “mobile” than a smartwatch. With their ever-increasingly light, sleek and ergonomic designs, they can be worn comfortably during most everyday tasks and activities.

Simplicity – Though the incredible usefulness of smart mobile devices has undeniably changed the world and become a fixture of our daily lives, some are beginning to prefer the elegant simplicity of smartwatches over phones and tablets. The highly functional and intuitive design of smartwatches makes up for the small screen space (and there’s also the added bonus of having no space for ads and flashing banners while you play).

The Selection of Online Casinos and Games

Online smartwatch casinos offer all the usual games such as slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and many more.

Though most are still relatively new, a decent selection is already currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play, and also from certain online casino sites. Many more are also being released every month, as more and more casinos and software developers have started jumping on the bandwagon with this growing trend.

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Some preliminary internet research, reading reviews and browsing the casino websites, is recommended to find the best online smartwatch casino apps and games that are currently available.

How Fair and Secure is It?

Smartwatch casino apps and games are secured and regulated by the same laws and technologies as any other licensed mobile and online casinos currently on the market and in casinos in general. They utilise the industry standard random-number-generator to insure fair and random outcomes during gameplay, and they have the same secure methods of payment as other online mobile games.

Don’t take anything for granted though. Be sure to also do some research before downloading anything.