An Introduction to the Superwomen of Poker Game

Superwomen of Poker Game

For a very long time poker was seen as a mans game. Not that it was believed that women couldn’t play, it just wasn’t a women’s place, apparently.  So much has changed and women are showing up in poker tournaments all over the world, proving that they have every bit as much right as men to play the game and be a force to be reckoned with. These are your top 5 female poker players in the world and the reason why they are in the top 5.

5th Best Female Poker Player in the World

God save the queen and Liv Boeree. Coming from England, Liv was trained by poker player Phil Hellmuth – the man with the most WSOP bracelets – to play poker on a reality TV show in 2005. She has since, earned a WSOP bracelet where she got 20 money finishes and made it to a final table. Even though she quit professional poker in 2019, at age 36 she still holds 5th place in the world with earnings of about $3.8million.

4th Best Female Poker Player in the World

At 32 years of age, our 4th player Annette Obrestad come from Norway. She started her poker career at 15 years old playing poker. Since then she won a WSOP bracelet where she had 10 money finishes and made 1 final table at the European Poker Tour. In 2007 she played an entire tournament and only peeked at her had once. AT 4th place Annette has earned an incredible $3.9milloin

3rd Best Female Poker Player in the World

In 3rd place is the Duchess of Poker, an American lady by the name of Annie Duke. The 55 year old duchess who currently lives in Vegas, has been playing professional poker since 1992 after her brother encouraged her to do so. She has a WSOP bracelet and has had 38 money finishes. In 2020 she retired from professional poker and said that she has not played the game since 2012. Despite this she still sits in third position with a total earning of $4.2million.

Annie Duke Poker Player

2nd Best Female Poker Player in the World

America gives us our number 2 place with Kathy Liebert being the first woman ever to win a tournament of $1 000 000. Not only does she have a WSOP bracelet with 47 money finishes but she also played – alongside Cyndy Violette and Annie Duke – in the 2005 Poker Royale: Battle of the Sexes poker tournament, where she won the event. It is no wonder that she has earned herself an amazing $6.2million.

The Worlds Best Female Poker Player

Vanessa Selbst, an American from Brooklyn first started playing poker professionally at age 21. 15 years later she is still at the top even though she quit professional poker two years ago. She has three WSOP bracelets where she had 20 money finishes and made 8 final tables. In the position of the worlds best female poker player she has earned herself almost $12million.