Ancient Roman Themed Caesars Atlantic City Casino in Detail

Caesars Atlantic City Casino in Detail

A land-based casino in this day and age has to compete quite heavily with the online market for potential players, as the Internet enables a lot more reach regarding casino gaming. Of course there are plenty of things a land-based casino can offer that no online one can hope to match, and a large factor of this revolves around the atmosphere.

Caesars Atlantic City is themed toward ancient Rome and as such creates a very vivid and enthralling experience regardless of the activity taking place. The casino itself is massive, filled with all sorts of casino games like slots and most table games. Additionally this casino was the second casinos to open in Atlantic City, which suggests some serious experience at offering the players exactly what they want. Even with the online world buzzing as it is, a casino like this is going to be hard to beat.

A Light History and Facilities Rundown

As mentioned above, Caesars Atlantic City was the second casino to open up in Atlantic City, an impressive feat since the place has rapidly grown associated with the casino industry since. This was all the way back in 1979 and over the 35 plus years the hotel and casino have only grown and expanded.

Initially this casino started out with an old motel building hosting just 425 rooms, today the number of available rooms is in surplus of 1100, with several lavish amenities scattered throughout the establishment. These include pools, restaurants, concerts Hamas and so much more, not even mentioning the casino rooms. The place is grandiose in its design and layout and players with the resources to enjoy a lengthy stay here will enjoy all the exciting possibilities.

Caesars Atlantic City Casino History

On to the Casino and Games

Of course one can’t really call a place a casino without some sizable casino games. Fortunately Caesars Atlantic City has enough games to effectively be called casino twice over, and so players will be able to get lost in the variety of gaming possible.

The sheer size of the casino room is daunting and inspiring at the same time, with over 13500 square metres making up the entire gaming space. The space is well filled and stocked with many a casino game and so players are advised to come with a few favourites in mind else the search for a great game may take a while.

In terms of gaming proportions and availability, the majority of the space is afforded to the 3000 plus slot machines available here at Caesars Atlantic City. These are largely unique games with different themes and bonus combinations.

Slots are always a player favourite so it’s good there’s a few. Regarding the more classic table games, this casino houses some 135 game tables, with the likes of Poker, Blackjack and several other games available here. To help players with the layout and locating their favourite games, Caesars Atlantic City also neatly separated these gaming areas like the UK gamblers find various options to play bingo at online.