An Introduction to Paddy Power App for Bettors

Paddy Power App

Based in Ireland, Paddy Power is a prominent bookmaker company that handles various types of betting, from sports to racing. Paddy Power is famous for their promotional betting and their often-controversial advertising, but this hasn’t stopped the bookmaker from becoming one of the most popular in both Ireland and the UK.

Due to the increased usage of their online facilities, the bookmaker decided to port their website-based platform to mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. This comes in the form of the Paddy Power app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices, and can be found on the relevant app stores. The Paddy Power app is promoted as being one of the best apps of its genre, giving players unparalleled access to the bookmaker’s various services.

The Advantages of Using the Paddy Power App

Upon downloading the Paddy Power app, one of the first aspects players will notice is the amount of choice available for betting markets. The app gives full access to every sport that Paddy Power covers, including local and international teams and matches, as well as horse racing bets. Betting options allow players to make multiple bets on each event, and in general the odds for each event are fair. Making an initial bet of at least 10 Pounds Stirling using the Paddy Power app guarantees the player another 30 Pounds worth of betting for free.

The Paddy Power app really starts to shine with the live streaming function. This function allows players to watch the sport or race event in real time, and only requires making bet of 1 Pound on the event the player wishes to watch. With an Internet connection and a bet made, players can view events as they happen. Thousands of events are streamed monthly through the app.

Paddy Power is known for their cash back specials, where players can earn back money that they’ve bet, even if the bet they made on an event does not turn out so well. This feature is included in the Paddy Power app, and daily money back specials often means there is a long-term return for players.

Irish bettors will be delighted to find that the Paddy Power app also offers the best deals in the industry for all local events, and the odds can be much more generous as compared to other apps.

Paddy Power App Gambling

The Disadvantages of Using the Paddy Power App

While the streaming functionality is impressive, it is not quite as extensive as a lot of the competition on the market. A small number of events are streamed every day, only about a dozen, as compared to the hundreds that some other bookmaker applications offer. The user interface of the app has also received some criticism, as many of the banner advertisements can take up a lot of the available screen space.

The app is exclusively available on either Apple or Android devices, and for those that use a Microsoft devices, for example, will not be able to download the app.

The Paddy Power App Verdict

Players have a huge amount of choice when it comes to mobile bookmaker applications for their devices, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Players looking for something that offers various long-term incentives, as well as live streaming functions, will be happy with the Paddy Power app.