Ancient Roman Themed Caesars Atlantic City Casino in Detail

A land-based casino in this day and age has to compete quite heavily with the online market for potential players, as the Internet enables a lot more reach regarding casino gaming. Of course there are plenty of things a land-based casino can offer that no online one can hope to match, and a large factor […]

A Quick Introduction to Smartwatch Casino Games

With all the amazing tech and gadgets we have these days, smartwatches are still amongst the most novel. First introduced in 1998 (by the company Seiko), they have been around for over twenty years, and have had a somewhat bumpy start in terms of popularity and use. Nonetheless, the idea of wearing a high-tech multi-purpose […]

A Gold Standard Ocean’s Eleven Heist Film Review

Ocean’s Eleven is, technically, a drama action and adventure comedy film that was released in 2001 by Warner Brothers Pictures. The screenplay was written by Ted Griffin and the film directed by Steven Soderbergh. Soderbergh was on a high at the time, having just completed Erin Brokovich and Traffic. The film has an all-star cast […]